Turkey Day is Coming!

We will be hosting an American-style Thanksgiving meal. We need to know how many guests are available to attend. Contact us here to get on the dinner list.

A Turkey F.A.Q. is developing.

  • Where is Michael’s Cafe?
  • Right across from the Tono Train station, in the Tourist Information Center building. There’s a map in the sidebar of this website, to the right!
  • What about Parking?
  • We’ll post instructions for some strategic parking locations. There’s also a pay parking lot next to the cafe, we’ll get you validated for the first hour.
  • Can we bring anything?
  • You can. Kitchen access is limited, so it needs to be prepared already, and ready to serve. We can heat it up. Drinks and snacks no problem. If you have a favorite side dish we don’t have on the menu, contact Chizuko.

Check here for updates. We’ll also have a Facebook page.

Planning to come? Let us know! The full turkey & sides plate, with dessert, will be ¥2500. You can also come for al carte items, or coffee and pie.

RSVP by Nov 15th, we’ll reserve your plate.

There’s only room for about 20 or so, due to space, It will be cafe/diner-style, not a full sit-down family-style dinner.Unlike the 4th of July BBQ, with paper plates and plastic cups, we will have real plates, and real forks and spoons. And real gravy. Mmm, gravy.

Check your calendars!

November 30th is a Saturday, so you have the option of staying overnight. We’ll have information here about recommended accommodations. Perhaps you can stay Saturday night, have a cocktail, eat lots of pie, and enjoy some leisure in Tono Sunday morning with friends, before returning to work on Monday.

If you have any questions, let us know. We’ll include them in the Turkey F.A.Q. More details to come!

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