Samuel Look

“If you’re in Tono and feel like a relaxing coffee and a chat in English (not always the easiest thing to find in Tono) then swing by the cafe right by the train station and say hi to Michael.”


Kealoha Widdows

We were delighted to discover Michael’s, just a stone’s throw from the Tono Station. The coffee was spectacular (we discovered Michael roasts his own beans), and there are all manner of delicious items on offer to go with. Michael and his wife, the proprietors, are great people and so much fun to talk to. The town of Tono itself is beautiful and charming – off the standard tourist track and definitely worth a visit.

Margo Hsu

I like this lovely corner, with the music blended with relaxing atmosphere! It is a perfect place for travelers to stop by to grab a coffee! On Tuesday and Thursday night, there are English sessions, where you heard the legend of Tono told by local.

Ion Astiazaran from Spain

Hey!! I was in Tōno with my father learning about Doburoku and we have so lucky to find this place and enjoy with the best coffee I try in Japan. Michael and his wife treat us so well.

We came from Spain!
Ion Astiazaran