Sunday Afternoon Movies at Michael’s Cafe


This Sunday’s movie was Mr. Baseball, a sentimental sports classic from 1992, starring Tom SelleckKen TakakuraAya TakanashiDennis HaysbertToshi ShioyaKosuke Toyohara … (see more). A joint U.S.-Japan production, rich in cross-cultural humor, Mr. Baseball is my favorite East-West comedy. 

[VIDEO] Tono Chefs at Hotel Aeria

This week Michael’s Cafe American partnered with Italian Bar Ittemicca, On-Cafe, NoTo General Store, and other Tono restaurants to serve dishes featuring our finest local ingredients to attendees of a JCI event, July 7th at Aeria Hotel. Also in attendance were dancers, lions, drummers, and other assorted traditional Japanese performers. What did we serve? Chicken tacos with homemade chipotle sauce, and spicy beef & bean chili, with shredded cheese and corn chips. And fresh hot coffee. Yeah, baby. That’s what happens when you invite an American to one of these things.

Golden Week is Here!


Happy Constitution Memorial Day! Many Japanese workers get about a week off around the end of April and beginning of May. This is because there is cluster of national holidays during this time.


The week starts on April 29, a national holiday that used to be celebrated as the birthday of Emperor Showa, who passed away in 1989. It is now celebrated as Showa Day, a day to allow people to think back on the hardship and recovery of the Showa period and to ponder the future of Japan.


May 3 is Constitution Memorial Day. The present Constitution of Japan came into effect on this day in 1947. May 5 is Children’s Day, set aside to pray for the healthy growth and happiness of boys and girls.

How To Eat a Really Large Hamburger

How do you eat a large — make that really large — hamburger? Easy! Share it with friends. Our Kikori Burger is big enough to feed a woodsman, logger, farmer, sumo wrestler, or hungry teenage track & field competitor.

Michael’s Cafe is aiming to create and serve the largest, most delicious hamburger in Iwate. Made with love, and a whole pound of premium Tono beef, served with lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup, on a gigantic bun, made by a bakery right here in Tono.

How big is it?