SLTRAIN Cafe Menu Spring

Michael’s Cafe is open temporarily closed!

When we return you can enjoy our spring menu (pancakes and French toast will be back next fall) featuring our popular Tono burger, Dobekko sandwiches, our own Kappa Cola, cookies, banana cake, vanilla and chocolate soft cream, and plenty of cold beverages.

Our opening weekend was March 3-4, 2018. We just celebrated our second year in Tono! We’re normally open every week of every month (except in January) Wednesday through Sunday, 11a.m. – 4p.m., closed Monday & Tuesday. 



Here are some photos from the first few weeks we were open last spring.

Do we have treats? YES WE DO.

Do we have delicious coffee? YES, we do.


Do we have fun? YES WE DO!


This is Chizuko sister, Akemi, in the kitchen with Chizuko. Akemi came from Yokohama to help us during our opening week. She’ll be back in May!


That’s a Texas flag. Michael is originally from Texas.


This is our opening weekend crew members, Akemi, with sisters Yuni & Rimi.

See more photos at the Gallery page.


You can always find new updates at the blog. Menu updates coming soon! 

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