IMG_6284.JPGEarly in the day, Mayor Honda came in … IMG_6287.JPGIMG_6288.JPGIMG_6289.jpgRimi is Chizuko’s cousin’s daughter. See a family resemblance?IMG_6290.JPGIMG_6293.jpgNext, this biker gang rolled into town. Just kidding. A Kimono Club graced us with their presence. IMG_6295.JPGThey came with a thirst for coffee. Six Americanos, and a hot cocoa. Full tray for Rimi!IMG_6296.JPGIMG_6298.jpgOur favorite customers of the day. Elegant!  IMG_6306.JPGIMG_6305.JPGHere’s Rimi and I taking a break to enjoy some apple pancakes from the test kitchen.g37Ag.jpegWe had a record day for coffee this Sunday! Good thing I’m roasting more on Monday!IMG_6310.jpgSunset in Tono, as Sunday evening begins.IMG_6308.jpgSee you next Wednesday! Our new April menu is coming soon.

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